1. What is a set-top box?
A set-top box is a device that enables a TV set to receive and play digital broadcasts.
2. What do I get with the set-top box?
Along with the set-top box you will get a remote control, remote charging cable, HDMI cable, network cable and power adaptor.
3. What do I need to use set-top box?
You will need a TV with HDMI port and broadband internet.
4. Do I need a subscription to keep the set-top box?
You can keep the set up box even if you cancel the your subscription (You can renew it any time)
5. What appears on the statement if I pay for the set-top box?
All Lebara play payments will appear as Aristo T & T
6. What is the warranty of the set-top box?
Your set up box warranty is for one year from the date of purchase
7. How is the replacement procedure works?
First check if everything is set up properly before thinking about replacement, if your set top box is still not working please contact Lebara Customer services
8. How can I get refund?
According to Lebara Play policy items cannot be refunded but can only be replaced if damaged or faulty
09. What if the set-top box is damaged on arrival?
Please Contact Lebara customer service, a replacement will be organized
10. How many devices can I connect?
You can connect up to 3 devices to your Lebara play account and can watch content on two devices simultaneously. You can swap/change one device a month.

Contact Lebara Play Sales Team

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